What people say

Trethowan’s Dairy and Gorwydd Caerphilly get great coverage in the national and local press, on the radio and in books.

“One of the great cheeses of the world.” Nigel Slater

“Truly World Class” Tom Parker Bowles

“Utterly addictive” Diana Henry

“The first earthy, buttery bite amazed me. This was like no caerphilly I’d ever encountered. It tasted French. I gave in to gluttony and the whole piece had gone long before I got home.” Bee Wilson

Other examples include:



  • Clifton Life, Harbourside Magazine, Fork Magazine, Clifton Times, Evening Post, Venue
Specialist Food
  • Fork Magazine, Fine Food, Borough market


  • Todd featured with Tom Herbert in BBC4’s In Search of the Perfect Loaf – a quest to develop a bread recipe which would complement our cheese
  • Featured in C4‘s Secret Supper Club
  • Phil Vickery feature for Fern Britton’s breakfast show


Gorwydd Caerphilly has featured in many highly respected cookery, specialist cheese  and food books including:

  • Patricia Michelson’s Cheese
  • Will Studd – Cheese Slices
  • Cheese – Jenny Linford
  • Phil Vickery – a Taste of Britain
  • Rough Guide – Make the Most of Your Time on Earth
  • Matching food and wine – Fiona Beckett
  • Canopy and stars
  • Quarterly “Diary of a Cheesemaker” posting on Toast Travels website
Recipe coverage
Recipes in a number of magazines including Jamie Oliver magazine oct 2012, Daily mail (Tom Parker Bowles/Mark Hix)

2 responses to “What people say

  1. Served Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese at a wedding reception in Caerphilly Castle last night. Guests had never tasted cheese like it…..sadly none left for us!!! Thank you we will be back for more. Ruth and Mike Nash.

  2. Just wanted to say, how much I love your cheese. I have a mold allergy, so, can’t eat so many cheeses. Guy at cheese store in New York City recommended this cheese as it is mold free. Very expensive $29 dollars a pound, so I could only get a quarter of a pound. Born in England, I used to eat allot of English cheeses growing up. This is one of the best I’ve had. When I have some spare cash, will buy more.

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