The organic herd on Puxton Court Farm comprises 100 pedigree Holsteins and 20 Jerseys. The perfect combination for our cheese.

Milking parlour

Steve, the herdsman, milks the cows twice a day at 4.30am and 3.30pm, and their beautiful milk gets piped across to the dairy. The pipe is designed so that the milk falls by gravity into our vat, as rough handling and pumping of the milk can damage the milk particles, and this can affect the texture of the cheese.

Cut curd

Cutting the curd

Whey draining

Draining the whey

Stacking curd

Channels are cut through the curd to allow the whey to drain off.


Texturing the curd by hand

Mould filling

Moulds are lined with cheesecloth and filled by hand, using an experienced eye to judge how much curd to pile in. That said, no two Gorwydds are exactly the same size!

Cheese stacks

Moulds full of curd are stacked before being prepared to go into the presses overnight.


Cheeses are stacked in our 100 year old cast iron presses and left overnight.


We mature our cheese for around 2 to 3 months

Cheese iron

And we keep a very close eye on the cheese whilst it matures, making sure tastes and textures are developing nicely


Cheeses are turned on the boards every day, to ensure even maturation through the cheese



Maugan and Todd Trethowan

Photos by André Pattenden