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The first West Country Gorwydds!

We have one week of making Gorwydd Caerphilly in the new dairy under our belt! And we love it!

The dairy works really well, great flow and some really great special extras like the gravity feed pipe. It was worth all the hard work getting that bulk tank up on a frame!

There is still lots to do but sitting outside after work, with their backs against the make room wall, having a cider and watching the cows, Todd and Maugan took a minute to enjoy their new dairy.












Progress Continues Apace!

The sixth of May had long been in the calendar as A Very Important Day –  the day we took over the shell of the building that had been constructed at Puxton Court Farm, and began to transform it into our very own dairy. This is how the building looked last Tuesday, 6th May:

The space looks huge!

The space looks huge!

That very same day, wall and ceiling panels arrived on site.

The first delivery of cold room panels is offloaded on site

The first delivery of cold room panels is offloaded on site

When we visited the building yesterday morning, the place had been transformed. There were internal walls and ceilings, corridors and doorways.

A corridor

Clean lines




Doorways leading to spacious store rooms

In just two more days, all the internal partitions will have been installed. To see the drawings come to life is incredibly exciting… a little bit too exciting are words that have left Todd’s mouth on more than one occasion!

The make room is taking shape

The make room is taking shape

A large, high-ceilinged make room will sit alongside three maturation rooms large enough to house hundreds of rounds of cheese as it ripens and matures into delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly. We can’t wait to start filling this brand new building with our 150 year old cheese presses, old wooden cheese stands, and most importantly, the beautiful 4.5 metre long stainless steel Dutch cheese vat.

Even the cows, recently let out to graze in the pastures surrounding the dairy, couldn’t hide their curiosity!

Curious cows looking on from their field, adjacent to the new dairy

Curious cows looking on from their field, adjacent to the new dairy

Digging for Victory!

Yesterday morning we made the trip out to Puxton Court Farm to have a meeting with Alan, the dairy refrigeration expert we are working with.

Steve relates the story of the Great Escape!

Chewing the cud with Steve

We came across Steve, the herdsman, moving calves around in a specially made calf pram. We had never seen anything like it! Last time we visited, we gave Steve a chunk of Gorwydd, and he said he was looking forward to having it on his doorstep.

We began our visit in the cow shed, to take another look at the lovely herd that will be producing all that beautiful milk which will be turned into tasty Gorwydds. The cows are still being kept indoors, and will be released to outdoor living next month when it dries up a bit.

Todd is so happy to have his own herd!

Todd commooning with the cows.

It’s always exciting to arrive at the site and see what progress has been made since the last visit. This week, though the fog had lifted, the progress wasn’t as visible!

Groundworks underway as the build progresses.

Groundworks underway as the build progresses.

This is in no way to say that the build hasn’t moved forward, but rather that the work has been occurring at ground level, and below… Lots of digging! We talked drains, drains and more drains. The groundworks require a large number of drains in all the rooms of the dairy. As Todd was keen to point out, there’s more washing up and washing down goes on in a dairy than cheese-making!

A view of the dairy construction underway, seen through the entrance to the cow barn.

A view of the dairy construction underway, seen through the entrance to the cow barn.

The proximity of the cows and the milking parlour (just off to the right of this picture) to the place where the cheese will be made mere metres away is always exciting to see.



Press Release

5th December 2012


Trethowan’s Dairy Ltd, based in Tregaron, was at the centre of the annual Ceremony of the Christmas Cheeses at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in London today.

They donated two 4kg pieces of Gorwydd Caerphilly for the Chelsea Pensioners to enjoy this festive season.

The special Christmas ceremony, celebrated today, the 5th of December, dates back to 1692.

The tradition began when the Royal Hospital, Chelsea asked a local cheesemonger to provide the pensioners – retired veterans of the British Army – with cheese as a Christmas treat. Ever since, cheesemakers from all over the country have continued the tradition and donated a selection of cheeses for the Chelsea Pensioners.

This year army veteran and paralympic athlete Derek Derenalagi was on hand to help the pensioners celebrate the festive season.

Derek was on a tour of duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when his car was hit by an IED. He was pronounced dead and placed into a body bag before a medic detected a faint pulse. As a result of his injuries both legs were amputated above the knee. Remarkably, he went on to compete as part of Team GB in this year’s Paralympic games in the Discus event.

The Dairy Council has been organising the donations for over 50 years. They are presented to the in-pensioners during a special ceremony at the Hospital.

Dr Judith Bryans, Director of The Dairy Council, said: “We are very pleased that once again the men and women of the Royal Hospital will enjoy over 200 kilos of fine quality British cheeses throughout this Christmas period. We are always very proud of the generosity that British Cheesemakers show at this time of year donating cheeses to these much loved war veterans. We are also very honoured to have Derek as our guest – a truly inspirational young soldier turned sporting hero.”

Among the pensioners taking part in the ceremony today were Dorothy Hughes, Alexander Murray and Douglas Clarke.

Music was provided for the ceremony Band of Household Division under the Direction of Major Darren Wolfendale.

For further information please contact Chessie da Parma at Media House International on 0207 710 0020.


Notes to editors

Photographs available from Ken Lennox at

About the Dairy Council

The Dairy Council is a non-profit making organisation that provides evidence-based nutrition information on the role of dairy foods in a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.



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