About us

Trethowan’s Gorwydd (pronounced Gor-with) Caerphilly is a mature Caerphilly made to a traditional recipe using raw (unpasteurised) cow’s milk and a traditional rennet.  Despite being considered a Welsh cheese, there is a long history of Caerphilly being made in the West Country, and our particular recipe originated in Somerset at the beginning of the 20th century.

While Caerphilly was traditionally sold very young, our cheese is matured at the dairy for two to three months. This period of maturation allows a natural rind to develop, adding depth of flavour to the tastes and textures that run through the cheese. The centre is firm and moist, and exhibits a fresh lemony taste, while the creamy layer beneath the rind (known as the “breakdown”) is richer and more savoury.

The family business is thriving, and Gorwydd Caerphilly is now sold throughout Britain and is exported to Europe, USA,  Canada, New Zealand and even Japan! Trethowan’s Dairy also have a  stall at Borough Market in London.


5 responses to “About us

  1. We have a creamery in NY and I am looking for a
    way to purchase some of your cheese.
    Thank You

  2. that’s a lovely picture! What is happening to the old dairy at your folks place? Elaine 🙂

  3. Ah, end of an era then. Best of luck in the new site

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