Cheddar is GO!

This is our third summer in Somerset, and we love our new home. The milk is reliably fantastic, Gorwydd Caerphilly production continues apace, and we have slowly started to introduce a new washed rind cheese called Wendolyn (more about that in another post soon).

Now that we are well and truly settled into Somerset life, and find ourselves less than 7 miles from Cheddar as the crow flies, there is something that we really have to do … make cheddar!


Next month, we will begin to produce a traditional, cloth-bound West Country cheddar. It’s been a long time since a new cheddar of this type came on the market. As you will know, there are a number of great Somerset cheddars, which are well-known around the world, each with their own unique flavours, textures, and characteristics, and we hope to be able to add to the selection with our own unique cheese, which will exhibit its own qualities thanks to our wonderful herd of award-winning pedigree Holsteins and Jersey cows, their diet on the farm, and the environment at our dairy.


This project has been in the planning for a very long time. We announced it at the Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association annual get together (held here at Trethowan’s Dairy) last summer, but, as with all projects Trethowan, we like to plan meticulously before jumping in. And finally, we are there. The first pieces of equipment are arriving, Todd and Maugan have read, researched and observed, and can’t wait to put their cheesemaking skills into practice with this new cheese.

We were lucky enough to receive EU funding via the Rural Development Programme to help us buy the equipment and build the new cheddar store, which will be in the barn adjoining the dairy. This has really helped us get the project off the ground, and all being well, we will have cheddar to sell in time for Christmas next year!


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