Wet weather ain’t so bad

The one benefit to the horrible weather we’ve seen this week is that the cows have come indoors a few weeks earlier than planned. This means their diet has changed and they’re now on silage.

This is great news as butterfat has gone up and the milk is extra creamy. They’ve only been indoors since Tuesday and already we can feel the difference in the milk.

The curd is handling differently. Feels silkier and there is more resistance against the harp when cutting the junket.

The resulting creamier cheeses are the ones that will be ready for eating in December and Christmas. 😄


This beautiful photo of Rose – one of our lovely herd – was taken by Frederico Colarejo.


One response to “Wet weather ain’t so bad

  1. Wow your blog is fantastic. Whoever is writing it sure knows how to keep an audience. I arrived here generally browsing about Caerphilly town, as about to start placement there, and got completely hooked on your blog. An hour later, still here. Thank you for a very fascinating insight into cheese making, and congratulations on your most recent award. xx Laura
    PS. I’m borrowing this beautiful photo for my desktop

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