A week of moving



What a week!

The children have broken up from school for the summer.

Several journeys have been made from Gorwydd to North Somerset, firstly with clean cheese boards and cheese presses, then with all the racks and then most importantly, with Maugan, Kim and Rufus – now officially residents of the West Country.

Seeing the storerooms empty at Gorwydd and also seeing the cheese presses at the new dairy have been among the most startling images of the project for me.

The cheese will be the next thing to make the journey but first Todd had to spend several 14 hour days making the dairy cheese-ready.

We have reached a turning point in the project, with Maugan now on site, together with a couple of key members of staff. These next two weeks before we start making will fly past but they’ll be hectic and the level of detail of things to sort out is mind boggling.







This last image is cheese racks lining up at Gorwydd waiting to be transported to Somerset



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