The vat arrived on site today!


Today was an amazing day – and we worked with the most skilful brilliant people. Alan Hayes from Capital Refrigeration choreographed the day beautifully. The two Gregs from specialist lifting company  Wheelers Transport made the impossible possible by fitting very large heavy equipment through very small spaces with enormous heavy duty machinery. Their team work was phenomenal.

More pictures to follow. What a relief. The big kit is in place.


Todd and Maugan – hearts in mouths



Todd and his new best friend – two tonnes of stainless.


How can that possibly fit through that door?


Two and a Half Tonne Fulton Steam Boiler


Alan Hayes bringing it all together with the tele handler and a 2 tonne cheese vat




Relief! The base of the vat is in. Just waiting for the gantry.


Wheelers Specialist Lifting Company performing a bit of magic with a terrifyingly large tele handler in a worryingly small space


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