Why we love Twitter

We love Twitter for loads of reasons, but the most obvious to me recently has been the way in which it allows us to keep in touch with people who inspire us, people who support us and people who say lovely things about our cheese.

This tweet is from a neighbour, just over the mountain from us, who takes our whey for their beautiful Manglitza pigs.

<a href="


We also love to hear things like this…

We like to keep tabs on each other

and see what’s going on at Borough Market

and we like to see how restaurants, like Bells Diner and The Ethicurean are serving our cheese

We love it when people like Nigel Slater say things like this

and when people like Elisabeth Luard describe our cheese as gorgeous

and when Fiona Beckett comes up with great pairings for our cheese


2 responses to “Why we love Twitter

  1. Thanks to the Gorwydd team for our perfect relationship, we adore your amazing cheese and our woolly ones are huge fans of your whey! Best neighbour we could wish for. xx

  2. Ah shucks, thanks neighbours!

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