Handing on the cheese mongering baton!

Dear friends, customers and loyal cheese-lovers – today is our last day of trading at St Nicks Market as from here on in, we are re-focusing all our energies on milk quality and making Gorwydd Caerphilly on our beautiful farm in West Wales.

We are delighted that Source Food Hall in St Nicholas Market have taken on our range of cheeses and will also be continuing the wholesale of many of these wonderful British cheeses to some of the great restaurants around Bristol.  We have handed over the baton in the full knowledge and confidence that Source will look after and sell these cheeses in the condition that the cheese-makers will be delighted with.

Thank you all for being such fantastic supporters – whether as a friend, customer, supplier or all three during the last five years. It has been a great chapter for us and we have felt very proud to work with such fantastic cheese-makers and mongers and to be a part of a great food scene in Bristol.

To welcome in their new range, Source will be running a tasting event on the 19th of September and Todd will be there to talk about Gorwydd and some of the new cheese range at Source. Definitely not an event to be missed! Contact Source to find out more about tickets.

2 responses to “Handing on the cheese mongering baton!

  1. So sorry to read this… I am very lucky to have been part of Trethowan’s Dairy Shop adventure, I was there on the first day you opened and I will very much miss popping by for a bit of cheese and a chat. Love Jess xx

  2. Big pity – you’re stall was always greatly stocked with lovely cheeses …

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