Cheese Monger wanted

Trethowan’s Dairy Shop are currently looking to fill the vacancy of: Cheese Monger:

Key attributes of a good cheese monger:

A passion for cheese. This is very important for obvious reasons.

Good communication skills, it is important be able talk to customers about the cheese, eloquently and in a manner that will convey your passion for cheese.

An awareness and understanding of basic food hygiene. A food hygiene qualification preferred but not essential.

The ability to work with in a team.

Excellent personal hygiene. A fastidious approach to cleaning.

Key responsibilities:

Provide exceptional customer service combined with good product knowledge, to generate sales.

Have a good understanding of the products sold and the specific requirements of storage for each and every one.

To record chiller temperatures in a timely manner in accordance with the daily check sheet.

To keep accurate records of takings and petty cash transactions. Use the till or market floats as directed by the shift leader when dealing with customer transactions.

Preparation of wholesale orders and under guidance, to be able to produce wholesale invoices and correctly record any wholesale transactions.

One months probationary period.
Starting rate is 6.25/ per hour during probation rising to £6.50 there after.

Expected start date: 1/11/11


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