Trethowans and the Invisible Banquet

Dear One and All,

From the deepest, darkest depths of The Community Kitchen we are cordially inviting you to our outrageous fundraiser:

The Invisible Banquet!

A feastful night of tomfoolery brought to you by Coexist and The Invisible Circus.

Imagine that you have been whipped away into a weird and wonderful woodland where the trees are alive and autumnal leaves chatter beneath your feet, where the squirrels wet your palate with jugs of wine and badgers serve up sky high platters of sensational seasonal produce. A banquet of tantalising extravagance like you have never seen before is thrown before your eyes….

This my friend is The Invisible Banquet.

On October 15th amidst all the pumpkins and apples The Invisible Banquet will engage you in a night of theatrical shenanigans from The Invisible Circus and gourmet feasting…

With the greatest culinary wizards and eateries of the South West creating a storm in the kitchen:

Arthur Potts Dawson
The Pony and Trap
Bordeaux Quay
The Ethicurean
Zazu’s Kitchen
Hobb’s House Bakery
Trethowan’s Dairy

£60 +BF

Buy Tickets online at:

Love Ari, Cori and the amazing Invisible Banquet team!


Oh and here is something to wet your appetite – you would be silly to miss out:

The Invisible Journey by Doug Francis!

Youtube link is The Invisible Journey

Coexist Food Team



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