Most notables

It’s proving very difficult to keep up with blogs and tweets and posts and so on while catching up after the summer holidays and settling in our youngest daughter into school. But I thought it might be nice to just mention some of the most notable things in the last week and those that are coming up too.

So let me think…

Todd’s running around like a B.A.F getting ready for Abergavenny Food Festival this weekend. We’ll be doing our usual, very very popular Toasties and Raclettes but we will ALSO be doing some rather amazing little Gorwydd Tartlets. Hold on to your hats, they’re  SCRUMDIDLYUMPTIOUS (as my children would say). These have been made for us by the very brilliant Kate’s Kitchen.  We will be in our normal spot in Chadwicks Yard at Abergavenny.

Maugan will be there selling Gorwydd and Gorwydd Washed Rind (which we’ve just found out has won something at the British Cheese Awards – which is great because its the first time it’s been entered). Kim and little baby Rufus (the newest and smallest future cheese maker) will be loitering I am sure.

Over the last week at the market in Bristol, we’ve sold cheese to Nigel Slater – mainly Goats, we’ve done a tasting at The Elephant Pub and have another this week at Trethowan’s Solicitors in Salisbury.

I’ve been working closely with Fiona Beckett and Jack at the Ethicurean to get organised for Cheese School at the end of October. We’ve got a fabulous programme lined up, with some great speakers. Joe Schneider will be there talking about Stichelton and Tim Homewood will be showing guests in the Cider Barn how to make cheese at home. We’ll be surrounded  by orchards and fermenting apples  – and the whole day, thanks to some brilliant sponsors (I’ll be updating the Cheese School website with those shortly) will have a distinctly appley feel.

British Cheese Awards the weekend after next and then we begin the climb to Christmas! The Christmas make has already begun at Gorwydd and we’re already thinking about stock and extra staff in the shop and on the markets (get in touch if you’re interested!).  As well as the usual selection of cheeses we will have a few extra delights in there this year.

That’s all for now. Do come and see us at Abergavenny if you’re there and if you’re not, come and try one of the new Gorwydd Tartlets next week in the shop. We’ll be selling them every lunchtime in St Nicks.


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