Nothing Happened

Dear Maugan, Kim, Todd and Jess

This might be the shortest one I have written yet because NOTHING HAPPENED.

Thursday was sort of acceptable, we sold about 5.5. Friday was appalling. We sold 3.5 cheeses. The worst day I’ve ever had on the market. I made a tenner out of the day. Except I didn’t because I spent £20 on nice food as a consolation prize. Then Saturday was not particularly whelming: we sold about 6.5 cheeses. These figures are a bit approximate because I haven’t got the heart to count up the money. I think I’ll just stick it all in the bank.

The thing is, there was no-one there. They were all at the wedding. Or too hung over the next day to want to buy cheese. So people weren’t even tasting, which was a blessing. Imagine if we’d given out the usual amount with those sales.

So I’m thinking of suing the royal family for loss of earnings. What do you think?

Actually I’m not too bothered by it. It was a beautiful week-end, we took it in turns to amble about the market chatting to our friends. It’ll be a one off and next week should be back to normal. Unless the Spring slump starts to hit…

I’m doing a tasting for Neal’s Yard tomorrow night, at the warehouse flat. Even though I’ve done so many of these now I feel a bit nervous as this one’s a bit more formal.

Imo’s going stir crazy getting book 4 finished for the deadline, which is the 8th of May. She seems to oscillate between “I need to kill more people!” and “I’ve killed too many people. It’s a bloodbath!”

I’m glad I’m just a cheese monger.

A compensation for the slight rubbishness of this week end is that I heard a new cheese joke:

“What did the Greek cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


I like it. Carry on. N.


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