Island of Bones

Hi All,

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me! I’m holed up in a cabin in the Lake District with a nice view of the hills. trying to calm down a bit. We are up here to film a few shots of Imo talking about her new book Island of Bones which is set up here, and incidentally comes out in hardback on the 5th of april, signed copies available on request…

Last week end was a funny one. Thea and I were run off our feet on Friday and sold 9 cheeses. Admittedly one was to our friend Jen for a do at her son’s school so we gave them a very nice price, but it was still a record day. I think the Boro Market shoppers association had decided to favour us that day.

Then on Saturday we sold 8, which is kind of ok…but we gave away 2 whole cheeses in samples, which is not ideal. We usually give away about 1 and a half, but sell more like 10 for that kind of investment. Clearly the shoppers association decided we’d had our day in the sun. There were moments when the crowd around the stall coagulated in to a terrifying amorphous mass of gaping mouths and outstretched hands. Not nice.

The week end before, I was away at the Bristol Beer Festival, and had my friends Edgar and Jo running the stall. Edgar is a real trooper, tempered in the fires of Christmas, and Jo is a great performer and they sold 18 cheeses. Maybe I should go away more often…

None of these numbers are that accurate because I haven’t had a chance to do the proper spread sheet thing. There were some pretty fat cheeses around this week, so it might be that we have done better on sales by weight than the brute numbers suggest.

Some pretty mental cheeses around last week end. Girt big orange stinkers. Mmmmm. I love them. I know they’re a bit harder to handle in the maturing room, but they look very striking on the display. I love their really creamy texture and the hint of the barnyard about them…

So the Bristol Beer Festival, where I was on the raclette machines with Toddington, was FUN! It’s a pretty gruelling session, doing all the setting up, slaving over hot cheeses for two days straight and then packing up. Oh, and being given a constant stream of absolutely stunning pints by the willing volunteers. I was pretty knocked out for days afterwards. I think my highlights were: being told to ‘Do Some Work,’ by a customer who’d clearly got mine and Todd’s number, and meeting a man who had sampled every single beer at the festival.A noble achievement. I salute him.

After all that there’s no whey I can think of a funny cheese joke…

Carry On!



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