Ned was ‘well short of cheese’

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Imo is fully head down into book 4 now (did you see her latest review in the NY Times?), which means I am a full time house-husband and PA.

We have however had 3 brilliant week-ends at Borough Market. In fact in all my years as a cheese-monger I’ve never seen a year begin like this before. Where is the January/February slump? Why aren’t we hanging about, bored out of our minds behind a spotless stall?

The week-end before last (which was half-term) we sold 22 cheeses. I think that’s a record for us. I’m hoping to do well on Easter week-end. I’m going to see if the market will let me open on the Thursday as well. If they will I’ll have to order extra cheese for that delivery.

Last week-end we were well short of cheese because I hadn’t expected to sell so much. So it was a bit of a challenge making a nice display, especially at the end of Saturday when we had 3/4 of a wheel left. Although it was quite fun pointing out to customers that this was because we had sold so much.

One thing that is making a difference is that I have started hiring people for a short shift for the middle of Friday. I used to just do it all on my own, thinking we just couldn’t afford another shift. Then Imo pointed out that it would be nice if I could still talk by the end of a Friday and that it’s a bit boring when all I do of an evening is sit on the sofa saying ‘whu..?’ and trying to sell her Caerphilly.

I thought another shift might just about pay for itself but it seems that I am wrong. It helps that Edgar and Thea are naturals, and really good at engaging with people. They’re also nice to have around which makes me happier on Fridays and that’s good for Imo, me and the sales.

The week before last I did a radio interview about the stall and Gorwydd Caerphilly. You can listen to it here:

Hope I didn’t get anything wrong… Gorwydd is a whale’s milk cheese from Cowes isn’t it? Yikes!

Carry On! N


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