Summer Cheese Recipes

Last year we brought out a range of beautiful postcards showing how to use summer cheese in recipes. We are going to do the same thing this year, but the difference is, we’re looking for recipes from all of you! The ones we like the best will be turned into postcards and their creators will be sent a lovely selection of summer cheeses – and a bunch of their postcards too of course!

Please email your recipes and photographs to me,

Closing date: 29th April


T’s and C’s

Recipes can use any handmade cheese. As you probably know by now, the cheeses we like best are those that are unpasteurised and use traditional rennet. However, we don’t like rules for rules sake so we’re always open to pretty much anything (though we do insist that the cheeses should be handmade).

Although we totally welcome entries from abroad, I’m afraid we won’t be able to send the prize of cheese selections abroad. Too tricky with delicate farmhouse cheeses!

Looking forward to seeing your recipes!


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