Borough Market Update from Ned – the urban gorilla

Dear All,

It’s getting a bit boring this always having good news. I thought I might tell a little porky and say that the stall was smashed to bits by a falling blue whale so we didn’t make any money this week.

But that is not true because we did. Again. Ha ha ha.

We sold nearly 17 cheeses – 7 on Friday, which is nice, much better than usual, and between 9 and 10 on Saturday.

We had a few more of the stinky pinkys, which have their own following among the market customers. It’s funny, sometimes when there’s a couple at the stall , one of them likes the pink one and one likes the ‘proper’ Gorwydd. I hope we’re not responsible for causing any nasty arguments…

On Saturday we had a new monger on the stall. her name is Thea and she is brilliant. She knows her stuff with cheese and is a proper worker. Really outgoing and good with the customers. Also I’ve never seen anyone pick up the wrapping style so perfectly and quickly. I met her the other day when she happened by the stall to buy some cheese, and in chatting I found out she used to run the Teifi stall at Camarthen market and knows the family really well. As you all know I’m not one of these impulsive types nor do I make decisions before a long process of consideration and forethought, so I offered her a job on the spot. Which turned out to be a good idea.

I”m going to start hiring another monger for a short shift on Fridays in the middle of the day, because it’s just too draining working on your own when it’s really busy. By the end of the day I can hardly talk to people any more. Even if we don’t sell masses more it’ll be better for me and the business.

Also on Friday a group primary school children came to the stall. They were on some sort of day out and were getting various things to bring back for show and tell. They were all incredibly sweet and asked nice questions so I gave them a nice piece as a present, and they gave me a certificate. Which made me really chuffed, so I have attached it for you all to see.

Also I have finally got a picture of the stall in the snow at Christmas just to prove how perishin it was!

Carry on!



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