Borough Market bits and bobs from Ned

Today slightly overshadowed by our dear Bristol shop being broken into over night. But there’s always time to upload Ned’s missives from London:

Dear All,

It’s always funny going back after Christmas, a bit of a come down after the huge sales. Still we seem to be doing ok.

The first weekend back we sold around 12 cheeses –  Friday 5 or so and on Saturday 7. I was expecting worse so that’s not too bad. These were the last cheeses of the Christmas delivery so at three months, a bit older than I normally sell. Friday was pretty quiet and dragged a bit, but Saturday was quite busy.

Last weekend was a bit better, we sold almost 14 cheeses, 6 on Friday and 8 on Saturday. The market was quite busy on Saturday, and Joby and I felt pretty rushed at times. We cleared the remainder of the Christmas cheeses on Friday and were on to the new delivery.

It’s a bit cheesy (oops) but I always really enjoy opening a new delivery and seeing what the cheeses look like. I thought after the Christmas business they would be a bit young, but not so.

In fact those mid-November cheeses are some of the best Gorwydds I’ve ever seen. They were great fat juicy things with a really nice breakdown a lovely creaminess and a great fresh lemony flavour in the middle. In fact one was so marvellous that Joby and I immediately took a bit each for ourselves. It was fat as anything with a very slightly pink tinge. it was so good that I didn’t want to give it out as samples at the busiest time as people aren’t really tasting properly then. So we opened another, still excellent one until it was quieter.

We had the usual enormous enthusiasm from the customers; several people did complete tour of the market and came back expressly to buy our cheese. One person said it was the best cheese she’d ever tasted. Which was nice.

The bit that I took home was absolutely delicious. Imo and I had to make ourselves stop eating so that we’d have some to enjoy the next day.

So whatever Maugs and Kim were doing on the 18th or 19th of November, keep doing it!

Its going to be an interesting year at the market. The Trust are looking to get some new traders in. I think the idea is to get fairly small businesses who are closely related to the producers. There is also a plan to make the pitches the same on Fridays and Saturdays, which I think is a good thing. At the moment we have two different pitches, and I think it just confuses things. There is talk of actually electing, rather than appointing the traders’ representatives to the trust so that they actually have a mandate from the stall holders.

I want to give the stall a complete refit and touch up all the paint work as it is looking a bit scruffy and things keep falling off it. Also I want to do more with pictures of the farm and the cheese making and suggestions for cheese-boards, chutneys and cooking with Gorwydd.

It would be great if Joby and I could get up to the farm for a couple of days and actually see the making and get more of a feel for it as I think this would help us to sell more. In any case, having sold the cheese for so long it would be nice to actually see it happen. Perhaps if M&K ever have a quiet period (!) we could arrange that.

Hm. Having got to two pages, I think it’s time I stopped. Carry on. N

PS The astute among you will notice in the spreadsheet a discrepancy between the expected and actual take for both week ends. My best guess is that we tasted out more than we recorded or messed up the weighing in or out of the cheeses. We’ll try and be more accurate. Or we could sell block cheese and bar code every bit…


One response to “Borough Market bits and bobs from Ned

  1. I shop at Borough every week, so I shall seek you out on Saturday as I seriously love a good cheese. Glad that you are doing well, it keeps the market evolving in a good way.

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