It’s a cold job being a cheesemonger at Borough Market

Hi All,

Sorry this has taken a while to come out. But my hands have only just thawed out enough to type. It was cold last week-end.

We sold about 17.5 cheeses, taking an average of four kilos a cheese. That’s 2 less than last week but still a respectable take. Friday was busy but we only sold 6..5 cheeses. Saturday was really busy and we sold 11 or so, which is nice.

The later September cheeses are gert big noble things. There’s something really enticing and abundant about a big Gorwydd. A lot of people were commenting this week on how beautiful the cheeses looked.

Also those big September cheeses have been very nice. I like that big ratio of crumbly bit to breakdown I think that’s a really good balance. The paste had a really good level of moisture I thought. A bit like the texture Graham Kirkham (Lancashire)  calls ‘butter crumble.

Did I mention that it was cold? I don’t think that helped the sales much as people are reluctant to get their hands out of their pockets. I think it’s harder for people to get the flavour from the samples when they’re that cold, plus the texture tends to be a bit dry and brittle.

Having said that, 11 cheeses is a perfectly respectable day, and we still got plenty of nice comments about the cheese.

Olivia (who was with me for both days this week) and I got to that stage of coldness in the afternoon where we were too cold even to jump up and down and just stood there very still and quiet as our bodies withdrew the circulation from our outer extremities in a bid to keep us alive.

We did however sell a whole midi to one customer, and a steady stream of heroic pieces throughout the day.

In a couple of weeks time, on Wednesday the 15th of December we are having an evening of cheese at Borough market. It starts at 4 and goes on until 8. All the stalls selling cheese will be there as well as a stall run by Neal’s Yard dairy. If anyone fancies coming along that would be great. See details below.

M & K if you had a few spare washed midis you fancied putting on the delivery for the 15th I’d love to sell them at the cheese evening.

That’s all folks. I’m off to set my clothes on fire in a bid to get warm again.

Before I go, here’s a joke. I used to work as a cheesemonger, but I camembert it any longer. Ah ha ha

Carry on, N.

EOC 2010 Flyer


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