Notes from a Pop Up Cheesemonger

Our cheesemongers have a lot to say….. Here’s a few words from one of our boys in blue (and white).

Yes that’s right pop up pickers, Llandewi Brefi’s purveyors of the best in British Artisan Dairy fashion finery and Knightbridge’s best loved department store are once again striding hand in hand down the temporary food hall catwalk. Like a forest of freshly sprung wild mushrooms a once empty furiture shop is now bedecked with Harvey Nick’s sensational seasonal foods and boozes………and………in prime locatation at the front of the store sits, resplendent, Trethowans Dairy Pop Up Cheese counter.

Gently accosting and cajoling the early bird bargain hunters into stopping for a taste of Britains (and if truth be told a little of our Gallic neighbours) finest cheeses. Like fully functioning monger manikins we catch the eyes and appetites of the passing public in a window fully stacked with towering truckles, half bottles of port wine and (gulp!) garden gnomes in Santa garb. What would Old Saint Nicholas make of it all?

Well for those of us that believe in the magic of true artisan handmade raw milk farmhouse cheeses, what better to leave out on the hearth for the old reindeer drawn institution himself. Or put to a truly hopeful use what better than a carefully chosen well appointed selection of good cheese on the Christmas Day table……eve/boxing/NYE/NYD sideboard/picnic bench/rug covered lap……….this evening come to think of it?

Safe to say we’re here everyday right up to the hallowed Eve. So, you fantastically turned out and marvellously mesmeric darlings, come in sooner rather than later and begin sampling this years key pieces:-

Glittering Gorwyyd Earthy little mid-Autum numbers. We have cheeses ranging from September 23rd thru September 29th. Think hazy sunsets, pastures beginning to thicken with the occasional cooling shower and the last of the music festivals, think Virgo! Wild mushrooms, lemon and crème fraîche.

Post Modern Montgomery’s It’s Back to the Future. The best part of 75 years of uninterrupted production and it’s still the best damn cheddar on the block! Think flowing creamy caramel colours and textures, trad handstiched rustic cloth coating. A true country gentleman.

Superstar Stichelton Savil Row’s answer to Burtons Menswear’s. Unadulterated, unfettered, undyed, unpastuerised and unbelively good. If only Stilton had been allowed to continue to run naked through the fields, it may still taste as fine as this. butter, white chocolate, apples, white pepper.

Commanding Comté The French’s eternal trend. Monsier Marcel Petite’s subterranean Cathedral of Comté in the Jura houses 60-100,000 of the best montain cheese’s in all of Europe. Think glacial waters, alpine flowers, herbs, grasses, the toll of cow bells and think…..600 litres of milk in each and every wheel!

Bewitching Old Demdike If Bristol were Lyon, this mendip made ewes milk majesty would sit alongside the comté and mobier in M Petite’s cave. But its not and it doesn’t, it sits right here high on the edge of hilltop Somerset and, for now, it’s all ours. Sweet fruits, elegant subtle spice and warm chestnut colours.

Vivacious Vacherin and Tenacious Tunworth These two sparkling diamonds encased in beautiful hand crafted cases are as at ease on the slate as they are in the oven. The former, spoonable, Alpine, sophisticated, the latter spreadable, Albion, soporific. Forget Milk Tray, the lady loves Mont D’Or.

To complete the collection, the pièce de résistance, with the very best of this seasons body of work we present:-

Neal’s Yard Creamery’s Caprine Couture    The Redoubtable Dorstone and the Ravishing Ragstone The rugged flowing opulence of Herefordshire goats milk woven skilfully from one raw pure material, transformed into two magnificent final pieces. One, blue black motteled savoury, incasing snow white ice-cream fur, the other, ivory cream, somehow stronger yet just as fragile, long and elegant in form. Two examples truly representing our christmas spirit; finely structured, cosmopolitain, and above all else………………..cultured!

Fromagaholics and Fashonistas it it’s plainly clear that the joyous duress of mid-Movember super saccharine Christmas Muzak water torture has maybe had me over doing things a bit, but swell, is that not the really good bit of this time of year?

Come and over do it, taste and sample, order some huge chunks, take some big bits with you now, drink some mulled wine and stock that New Years cocktail cabinet.

Ciao for now then

Bloodworth xxx

ps for you real die hard Turophiles come see us at Bath Christmas Market 25th Mov – 12 Dec or as ever at the shop in the Old City. But whichever, order now before all the good stuff goes!


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