What makes the perfect Christmas cheeseboard?

For Trethowan’s Dairy the perfect Christmas cheeseboard has to be versatile enough to survive at least  2 outings.  Firstly, post Christmas dinner but then a well-chosen selection for a second incarnation with cold meats and treats for Boxing Day.

The key thing is to keep it simple by opting for a cheese board with 3 good chunks.

  • Stichelton – an organic blue cheese, from the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire, with cool and buttery flavours and underlying nutty toasty notes.
  • Our own Gorwydd Caerphilly, which we’ve been making on our farm in West Wales for nearly 15 years. Three distinct flavours run through this delightful cheese – a springy, citric center; oozy, mushroomy cream under the rind, and the musty, earthiness of the rind itself.
  • The third cheese is a choice between a traditional smooth, nutty cheddar such as Keen’s or a good wedge of the Donge family Brie de Meaux.

A cracking idea is to buy large wedges of the Stichelton and the Gorwydd and cut them in half. Half can be presented with the brie or the cheddar on Christmas Day and the second halves can be produced on Boxing Day. Another suggestion is to present a different third cheese on Boxing day such as Dorstone – a beautifully fluffy, lemony and zesty goats cheese.

You can find out much more about sourcing and selecting the perfect cheese with suggestions of wine pairings by visiting our team of knowlegeable mongers  at the shop in St Nicholas Market – Bristol, Farmers Markets and over Christmas at Harvey Nichols Christmas Food Hall, Bath Christmas Market, Clifton Down shopping Centre and of course every Friday and Saturday at Borough Market, London.

Or you could come to Cheese School!




Like the photos?

They were taken by the very talented food photographer Eat Pictures


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