Ned’s Borough update

Hi All,

Sorry this has been a bit delayed. Lots of things happened…

If you take an average cheese at 4 kg, then we sold about 14 and a half cheeses this weekend. While that’s not continuing the upward trend that we’ve seen recently it is still a nice amount to shift.

We are still getting a lot of really nice comments about the cheese and there is a always a lot of enthusiasm around the stall. One thing I’ve noticed a lot recently is how many people comment on how beautiful the cheeses are and how great our display looks.

It felt like there were a lot of tourists around this week-end. I don’t know why that is. The thing with tourists is that either they buy whopping pieces to take home or they buy tiddly little pieces to snack on. More the latter I think.

We have started trying to get trading earlier on Saturday, that is, while we are still setting up. Usually this results in some good sales first thing. I think the ‘serious’ shoppers tend to come early or late in the day to avoid the crowds. Also it seems that if we get off to a good start it generates excitement, both in the punters and in us. Happy cheesemongers sell more cheese… However this week end we didn’t get that early rush.

This Saturday we had Olivia working on the stall. She is a natural monger, which is not surprising because her boyfriend is Srdja ‘tha damaga’ Mastilovic who works in the wholesale office of Neals Yard Dairy, selling cheese to shops all around Britain. Olivia is a really bright spark, very enthusiastic about the cheese and fun to be around. She will be working with us for some of the Christmas period.

On the subject of Christmas, I have put my order in with Maugs and Kim for the Christmas business: 210 cheeses, that’s 840 kilos of cheese! I am oscillating between a sort of megalomaniac excitement at the huge pile of cheese, and abject terror that we won’t get though it. Joby says it’s all good, and I believe her.

This has all been a bit po faced and serious so I shall close with this:

What kind of cheese would you use to lure a bear out of the forest?


A ha ha ha.

As you were. N


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