New post from Borough Monger

Hi All,

We had another nice week-end. We sold about 18.5 big Gorwydds over both days, which is just one off our best. The cheeses seemed to be really nice from people’s reactions – I could just about register salt, fresh and creamy because I had a streaming cold.
We sold a whole midi to one customer; I’m hoping to do that a lot more on the run up to Christmas.
On Friday I had my girlfriend Imogen with me all day. She is a natural cheesemonger, and sells tons. Probably because she spends the rest of the week at her desk (she is a writer) so its nice for her to get out and talk to people. Also this cheesemongering lark is still fresh and new to her so there’s a charming innocence about her delivery.
On Saturday the redoubtable Matt Owen was with me. For those of you who don’t know, Matt worked at Neal’s Yard Dairy for many years, and was retail manager of both shops among other things. He also trained me when I arrived. So it was a bit like Ben Kenobi and Luke getting together for another go at the evil empire. Matt even has the beard. I however look more like the offspring of Yoda and an Ewok.
Matt is now a paleo-climatologist. Look it up.
Carry on.



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