News from our Borough Market Monger

Hi All,

Another good week, we sold about 17 cheeses, if you average them out at 4kg per cheese. The market is getting very busy. Soon I will have to hire another person for Saturday and maybe Friday too.
As always people are very enthusiastic about the cheese. They are looking really great at the moment. Huge pie crusts and very wrinkly elephants feet. Have to say the pie crusts are really fragile and its hard not to break them and end up with rather gnawed looking cheeses. The breakdown is quite deep and gives it that full flavour that a lot of people liken to Brie. Still a nice balance with the fresher part. The last delivery (end of August beginning of September) look amazing. if you had a mental picture of the perfect Gorwydd, that is what they look like.
A lot of people say it is like goat’s cheese. I don’t know why that is.
Last week I was in Serbia swanning about visiting vineyards and new nephews and eating. Serbian cuisine can be described thus: get lots of meat – any cut, any animal. Grill it. Eat it. Sauce? Real men don’t need sauce.
I liked it.
Carry on. N

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