Our Top Ten Tenets

1. We have a very strong vision. From the very start we said that it was only worth opening the shop if our overall aim was for it to be extraordinary – the best cheeses and fantastic customer service.
2. We aim to sell the best cheeses in the best possible condition. Todd says, “Being a cheesemaker and having such close links with other cheesemakers, I feel a duty to sell the cheese in a condition that the producers would be proud of”.
3. The shop should be a showcase for Gorwydd Caerphilly and we should aim to be our own biggest customer.
4. The shop should promote new cheeses.
5. The shop should always have a small range and very close links with the producers/affineurs. This will enable us to keep the cheese in the best possible condition, sell through it quickly and speak about it with absolute authority and confidence.
“I believe that it is the role of the expert not to offer endless choice but to do his research and use his expertise on behalf of the customer, to offer what he or she believes to be the best at any given time. ” Todd
6. Our aim is to sell and promote handmade, unpasteurised cheeses made, where possible, with traditional rennet. We have a handful of tenets that we think important but do not believe in rules for rules sake. Each cheese is judged on its own merit and one of the cheeses in our core range is neither unpasteurised nor does it use traditional rennet.
7. All our British cheeses should be directly sourced – the only exception being those which we buy through Neal’s Yard Dairy – who select and mature cheeses to perfection.
“It’s great having such a close relationship with the cheesemakers. If we ever have any questions we can phone up the producer straight away and find out.” Ben
8. We aim to work to the same philosophy in the shop as Todd always has at the farm, “Keep things simple and do one thing really well”.
Todd says “I think that we should sell each piece of cheese and talk to each customer as though it’s our last. The attention to detail shouldn’t stop with the cheesemaking or maturation, we now need to apply it in the cheese display, cheese care and customer service”.
9. We aim to promote and educate people about unpasteurised, handmade and traditional rennet cheeses. We do this through the shop and through the talks and tutored tastings that we regularly give.
“I like to demystify the whole thing. My aim when giving a talk is to make people feel more confident to choose cheese themselves. I think they should be coming away from the shop or a talk with a simple and accessible set of tools which they can then use to select and enjoy good cheese for themselves.” Todd
10. We aim to know as much about the changes in the flavours and textures of a cheese through the year as the cheesemaker themselves know – and be able to pass this information on to the customer. We would like people to leave the shop as excited about cheese as we are.


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