Word up from the Cheesemonger

Ben’s notes for a chef….

As for new cheeses, at the moment, we have:  Tilly – a semi soft, unwashed Cardo made by Mary Holbrook using Cardoon Thistle rennet. These are tasting delicious. We also have Old Demdike made by Tim Homewood and his fresh Ewes curd which is lovely (Gordon Ramsay thinks so too).  We’ve got Beenliegh Blue and am hoping to soon have Ticklemore. Beenleigh Blue is a soft blue, lightish and fresh, clean tasting cheese – inspired by Roquefort but with none of the acidity. At this time of year, it tends to develop a toastie, caramelly sweetness. Ticklemore is a beautiful white semi hard goats cheese – a light, gentle, floral cheese with a moist crumbling texture. We also have a couple of continental cheeses that are tasting incredible – so good that we allowed them to sit alongside our British range! We have Saint Marcellin and a little goats Cheese called Mistralou. Saint Marcellin is rich with a hint of nuttiness. A farm-yardy bite tempered by velvety rich creaminess. Mistralou has a lemony, smooth texture and taste.


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