The perfect summer ingredient

We are just waiting for our beautiful new recipe cards to come back from the printers. They are the first three of a series of cards which are not only beautiful images but will also give you wonderful ideas for delicious summery dishes. Each of the recipes make the most of the cheeses that are at their best at this time of year.  Cards will be available from the shop from next week. We will also be posting recipes on the website – many if which will come from some of your favourite restaurants in Bristol and the South West.

Todd has gone to Mary Holbrook’s farm today to pick up lots of Tymsboro for the weekend – so here’s a sneak preview of our recipe for ravioli, squash and Tymsboro. It’s a real humdinger.


One response to “The perfect summer ingredient

  1. looking goooood
    can’t wait to see printed postcards

    if anyone is in any doubt
    believe me
    it tastes as good as it looks

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