Cheese, bread and beer tasting events

Cheese, Beer and Bread Tastings:

19th July at The Brewery Theatre on North Street. Tickets cost £25 and include a tour of the brewery and Mark’s Bakery

24th August at St Thomas the Martyr Church, Redcliffe.

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These events are a fantastic opportunity to taste artisan Cheese, Bread and Beers, and learn how they can work together in harmonious pairings. The Cheese Maker, Baker and Head Brewer will be providing a very hands-on introduction and education about their products which are the result of years of knowledge and passion.

Mark’s Bread is a small craft bakery making hand made bread from the best ingredients using traditional methods. Many of their breads are made without the addition of commercial yeast, but with naturally occurring ‘wild’ yeasts and friendly bacteria cultivated in levain (sourdough). Other ‘yeasty’ breads are made with a pre-fermentation (poulish).

Bristol Beer Factory will be showcasing some new and exciting beers at the events including ‘Mountain Goat’ IPA, winner of their inaugural Homebrew Competition, a German-style Wheat Beer, as well as the National Award winning ‘Milk Stout’.

Both events offer a splendid opportunity to enjoy tasty artisan cheeses, specially baked breads and superb beers. Events start at 7.30pm and cost £25 per person.

For ticket information and bookings for these events call Bristol Beer Factory on 0117 9026317 or for card payments call Trethowan’s Dairy on 07590 960329 or visit their shop in St Nick’s Market.

and for info about Cheese School, click here…..


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