The Borough Market Stall

Evin and Ute who have run the stall for five years, have finally decided to hand on the torch. Largely because Evin has decided to take his beer brewing to the next step and make a going concern of it. This is a very good idea because Evin is an excellent brewer and his beers are delicious. You can find out more about them at

So I, Ned (cue roll of thunder and manic laughter) have decided to take over. I started ‘working’ on the stall with Todd in 2000 because I had nothing better to do. Although we had a great time at the market together he rapidly became tired of my constant stream of questions about cheese and cheese making. Desperate to silence me he got me a job at Neal’s Yard Dairy, probably the greatest cheese shop in the world. After about six years or so, having done just about every job there apart from own it, I tried to break away from the world of cheese but the pull was too great. Finally I returned to my first love in cheese, the Gorwydd Caerphilly, and my spiritual home, the Borough Market Stall.

I am joined by the brilliant Joby, who also served her time at Neal’s Yard. Joby is now pursuing a PhD in anthropology, focussing on cheese makers, clearly a breed apart. As part of her studies she spent some time in Vermont making cheese with a great artisanal cheesemaker, Mateo Kehler at Jasper Hill Farm Learn more about them at With Joby’s knowledge, our mutual passion for Gorwydd, and my commanding moustache, we make a great team.

It’s a challenging time to take over the stall as the market is in its customary Summer slump. However the cows are off the silage and on to the good grass, and the cheese is at its best. Joby and I look forward to great things and hope to see you all down at Borough Market.


One response to “The Borough Market Stall

  1. Come on Ned, you can do better than that Moustache, I know it!

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