Arthur the Cheesemonger

A week before my sixteenth birthday I worked my first day at the Cambridge Cheese Company; a wonderful fine food shop tucked away down a tiny alley opposite Trinity college. My first task was to cut open a Munster, the heady aroma was almost too much to take but over the next ten years owner Paul Sutton-Adam imparted to me his encyclopedic knowledge and ardent passion for all things gourmand, but in particular cheese.

Following a job running a tiny kitchen for Cambridge’s  legendary, and sorely missed, Cafe Africa, I went to study Illustration in Bristol. There, I was fortunate enough to land a job at Trethowan’s Dairy. Working directly for such a dedicated and accomplished cheesemaker has pushed my knowledge, and desire to learn to the next level. S.t Nicks market is such a fantastic melting pot of  global flavors – a different cuisine for each day of the week. O.k. not quite, apart from Sunday! When I’m not selling cheese I work as a junior fellow at the U.W.E print centre.

We’re always looking for interesting people like Arthur with a passion for cheese to join us for a spot of cheesemongering and racleteering. Fancy giving it a whirl? Please apply with a CV to


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