In Search of the Perfect (Toastie) Loaf

Click here to watch In Search of the Perfect Loaf BBC4 25th March 2010


The Shepherds Loaf is a loaf on a mission to guide people to a better kind of bread. Bread that is simply and slowly made with local ingredients to give you a perfect loaf.

Spelt flour, Cornish sea salt, and water.

The 2 day process involved in making the Shepherds Loaf creates the incomparable flavour and crust, watch the BBC program to see how.

On BBC4, 25th March 2010, Tom Herbert goes on an epic quest for the perfect loaf, and so the Shepherds Loaf is born. Tom’s journey helps him to come up with what he hopes will be a competition winning entry for the National Organic Food Awards: an enormous, two kilo, white spelt, sourdough loaf big enough to feed a small village, made using his family’s 55 year old sourdough, organic spelt from Somerset, Cornish sea salt and water.

Todd Trethowan says “I had made it my mission to taste as many sourdoughs up and down the country as humanly possible. The quest for the best is over. We think that the Shepherds loaf is a cult loaf in the making.” Todd, Cheesemaker and Monger, uses The Shepherds loaf to create the best cheese toasties in the world! Every Wednesday at St Nicholas’s market in Bristol on the Trethowan’s dairy stall.

“I’ve got a party in my mouth”, random at Saint Nicholas’ Market, Autumn 2009

YEAST and DAIRY free

This loaf will last at least a week, and is best on day 3.

Perfect for tartines, Croc Monsieur, weekend toast with marmalade, and with anything and everything until every last slice and crumb has been enjoyed. A Hobbs House Bakery loaf so big you’ll want to share.

Highly Commended at the Soil Associations Organic Food Awards 2009.


2 responses to “In Search of the Perfect (Toastie) Loaf

  1. love that loaf.

    haven’t been to St Nicholas’ market since the 80s, so interesting to see such fantastic changes. is the wonderful fishmonger still there? we ate fish all the time when we lived in Totterdown all those years ago

    time for a visit


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