Age profile on Gorwydd

We just received this email from Todd – who’s at the farm.

Gorwydd store

Hello Mongers

Just looked in the store at the farm. And it’s pretty empty. Looks more like after Xmas than before it. But we’re making 7 days a week so there’s not much more that can be done. Last week’s delivery to the shop was only 5 weeks old.

What it does mean of course, is that we’re seeing those fresh, lemony flavours really coming through. All the cheeses I sampled in the store room today tasted fantastic.

The first of the new size of GWR (Gorwydd Washed Rind) are just under 2kg and will be coming through soon. They look GREAT.

Everyone here is working flat out for Christmas and is knackered. But the farm is looking beautifully autumnal and we’re all enjoying a few glasses of Chateau Gorwydd in the twilight at the end of every day’s make.

See you soon


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