our fantasy cheeseboard

This is our fantasy cheeseboard  – picking a few of our favourite cheeses at the peak of their condition at the best time of year. Our aim, as throughout, would be to keep it simple. None of us are supporters of the notion that the stronger or older the cheese, the better it is. Todd and Ben really like the vibrancy that you can get with a younger cheese – particularly apparent in a young Old Forde.

  1. Gorwydd Caerphilly with September milk (Trethowan’s Dairy)
  2. Cardo with summer milk (Sleight Farm)
  3. Stichelton made March 2009 (Joe Schneider)
  4. Youngish Old Forde (Sleight Farm)
  5. Some fruity, nutty young Berkswell (Ram Hall)

What would be your fantasy cheeseboard?

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One response to “our fantasy cheeseboard

  1. Berkswell – yum. Still need to try Stichton. Boring I know but Epoisses must be on the fantasy cheeseboard.

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