New in! Laverstoke Park Buffalo Mozzarella

Laverstoke Park MozzarellaWe are very excited to be taking a new cheese this week – Laverstoke Park Buffalo Mozzarella.

In Italy, for the first three days, fresh mozzarella is eaten completely naturally – simply cut in half and eat with your fingers!  

When this mozzarella is really fresh, you will experience a burst of freshness, the milk will ooze out… southern Italians say that if you don’t have a mess on your face, you are not eating mozzarella!  This is what fresh mozzarella is really about. Only after four days is it eaten with tomato, fresh basil and olive oil.

Before starting to make this cheese, Jody Scheckter visited eight different mozzarella producers and milking parlours in Italy. He then replaced the farm’s traditional herringbone milking parlour with one that enables each buffalo to be milked in an individual stall.

He began to work with Luca De Rosa, one of the most respected Italian mozzarella specialists, and sent the farm’s Dairy Processing Manager to Italy to be trained and learn the art, skill and craft of producing the best mozzarella.

Why does it taste so good?

Nothing is added to lengthen the shelf life – it is simply made with buffalo milk fresh from the dairy.  Laverstoke Park buffalos are nourished by pastures planted with 31 different herbs, clovers and grasses.

Come along and see us at the Organic Food Festival this weekend for a taste and visit the Laverstoke Park website for more info about Jody Scheckter and his organic/byodynamic farm in Hampshire.


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