Farm blog – cheese or wine or both?

Kim, Maugan and Rufus

David Trethowan shares glimpses of life at Gorwydd Farm through the seasons.

Cutting and splitting logs is labour intensive, so we’ve just bought a Swedish saw bench which claims to suspend the wood horizontally while I chain saw it into logs.  Disbelief will have to be suspended as well as the wood until I’ve tried it out!    If it works it will save someone holding and shifting the wood after each cut.  Plenty of time to test it out as the logs are for the winter after this coming one:  this year’s wood is already cut and stacked in the ground floor of what is still called “the servants house” where the resident worker  – called the ‘Farm Servant’ – lived years ago.

The open ended lean-to attached to the Servants house has been converted this week  by Aled into a small garage with double- doors.  We have been looking for somewhere to store the Kawasaki Mule – a farm utility vehicle – and this is it.  Bet it’s the first mule to be put to work on Gorwydd for many years!

Across the farmyard from the Servants house are the old cobbled stable and stalls.  With no farm horses to keep there, one of its uses is as the room to make and store wine.   The fermenting barrels, the 52 litre carboys, the demi-johns, pipes, funnels and other accoutrements are stored there and this is the time of year to order up a  hundred or so boxes of San Giovanni grapes from southern Italy and begin the process.  We need a discussion this year as there is such pressure to produce the cheese.  The wine is purely for pleasure whilst the cheese is our livelihood.  Simple really.

Trethowan’s Dairy website


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