Farm Blog – end of the summer

jobs on the farmDavid Trethowan shares glimpses of life at Gorwydd Farm through the seasons.

End August
“Robert’s chainsaw has been screaming across the fields this week.  He is tidying up a line of trees which sprang up naturally along one particular field boundary marked only with rocks which, over the ages, were picked and pulled out of the fields and thrown to the edges.   He will protect the trees with a fence on either side of them.  Sheep and cows will no longer be able to use that fenced off strip.  Boskage will grow and small wild life will move along it between Little Woods (where the pigs live in the summer months) and the river, marsh and flood plain of the Teifi.  More saplings will take root, biodiversity will increase and most importantly for the comfort of cheese makers, the cut branches will come back to the woodstack for us in the farmhouse!

The other hedgerows are loaded  with wild fruit.  Wendy will use the sloes to make sloe-gin, rowan berries to make jelly to savour lamb, blackberries for summer pudding – all to be brought out in the middle of winter as preserved sunshine!

Chaos this month because the old stone roadbridge outside the farm gate has been taken down by the Council.   Their stone mason has used the same stone to carefully rebuild it: by Christmas it will look as if it has been there for a century or two.  The chaos has been for those whey collectors who drove past the Road Closed notices, found the bridge had disappeared and had to make a twenty mile detour to feed their pigs on Gorwydd whey.   A hungry pig is an angry pig!  Not advisable to put some of these country sayings to the test!”

Trethowan’s Dairy Website


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