Other British products sold in Trethowan’s Dairy Shop

We are simply a cheese shop. The cheese is our centrepiece, and we only want to sell a few well chosen complementary products. Any more than that and we would feel we would be detracting from our main focus. In line with our philosophy of simplicity and doing one thing well, these are the additional products we sell:

England Preserves

Red onion marmalade/Apple and tamarind chutney/ Pear, date and real ale chutney.

England Preserves appeal to us because they like us are a small,  single source family business as well as owner producers.

Stockans Oatcakes

A simple, beautiful oatcake which manages to complement the cheeses without taking away from them or over powering them,

Mendip moments Ice Cream

Another family business, dairy farmers who were struggling to make ends meet and looking for ways to add value, went down the ice cream route. Like us, they use single source milk (their own herd), they are passionate and work extremely hard, and they use local ingredients where possible, to produce a range of delicious ice creams. One of our favourites is White Cider and Apple Sorbet, which when paired with a finger of Gorwydd Caerphilly makes the perfect Gorwydd 99!

Hot Food

1) West Country Toasties

We also sell cheese toasties made with sourdough bread, a swiss onion salad and either Keen’s cheddar or Gorwydd Caerphilly. We have in the past only used Poilane bread but have been working with various local bakers to come up with a Bristol sourdough that would provide the same wonderful complimentary flavours. We have been working with a new, local baker to achieve the wonderful acidic flavour and crisp texture once toasted, of Poilane. We are delighted with this collaboration. The bread provides us with all this and yet brings its own character with it. We are very pleased to be supporting a new local, small business.

Trethowan's Dairy Toastie

2) West Country Raclette

In the colder months and at all our tasting events we serve West Country raclette – our take on the wonderful Alpine dish. We use local new potatoes, spicy baby gherkins, silverskin onions and grilled Ogleshield cheese from Jamie Montgomery, Somerset.


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