CORE RANGE – depending on season

  • Gorwydd Caerphilly and Gorwydd Washed Rind (GWR) –A semi-soft cheese made by Maugan and Kim Trethowan at Gorwydd Farm, Ceredigion. Unpasteurised cows milk, traditional rennet. This is the cheese we have been making for 14 years.
  • Stichelton – A blue vein cheese made by Joe Schneider on the Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire. Unpasteurised organic cows milk, traditional rennet. We have close links with the Schneider family and the newly established School of Artisan Foods.  Todd has made the Stichelton with Joe on occasion.
  • Keen’s Cheddar – A hard cheese made by the Keen’s Family, Moorhayes Farm, Somerset. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, traditional rennet. Todd has had a 20 year association with the Keen’s family, having collected cheese from their farm in the early days of Neal’s Yard Dairy.
  • Charlie Westhead’s cheeses – A range of French style cheeses. Unpastuerised goats milk cheeses, kid rennet.
  • Dorstone – soft, goats cheese rolled in Ash
  • Peroche (plain and herbed) – fresh goats cheese
  • Ragstone – goats log

Charlie is a close friend of 20 years. Todd used to manage the dairy and lead the cheesemaking while Charlie and his family were out of the country each summer.

  • Mary Holbrook’s cheeses – A varied range of soft and hard cheeses. Unpasteurised goats milk cheeses, traditional rennet and also, cardoon (thistle) rennet.
  • Cardo – soft, washed rind goats cheese
  • Old Ford – hard goats cheese
  • Tymsboro – soft, goats cheese in ash

Todd has had a 20 year long association with Mary, having collected cheese from her for Neal’s Yard Dairy all that time ago.

  • Tunworth – A soft, Camembert-style cheese made by Stacey Hedges and Julie Cheyney on Hyde Farm, Hampshire. A soft, unpasteurised, cows milk cheese, traditional rennet.
  • Ardrahan – A washed rind, soft cheese made by the Burns family in County Cork. Pasteurised cows milk cheese, vegetarian rennet.
  • Berkswell – A hard cheese made by the Fletchers at Ram Hall, Berkswell. Unpasteurised ewes milk, traditional rennet. Vegetarian rennet cheese are available but we exclusively take those with traditional rennet.
  • The Wigmore’s cheeses – made near Risely, Berkshire. A soft and a hard, sheeps milk cheese, traditional rennet.
  • Wigmore
  • Spenwood
  • Single Gloucester – A hard cheese made by Diana Smart in Old Ley Court, near Churcham, Gloucestershire. Unpasteurised cows milk (skimmed evening) cheese,  vegetarian rennet

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester – A hard cheese made by David and Jo Clarke on Sparkenhoe Farm, near Upton, Leicestershire. Unpastuerised cows milk cheese. Traditional rennet.

We add to this selection one or two continental cheeses at any one time. These would typically include: Comte (Marcel Petite) sourced by good friend Dom Coyte, Brie de Meaux Donge and Parmagiano Reggiannno (Georgio Cravero).

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